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In business entities with two or more owners, conflicts inevitably arise over various issues. In most instances, these issues can be resolved amicably. However, there are times when the owners are at a standstill and unable to agree on a resolution. If this goes on long enough, it forces the parties involved to spend precious energy and resources dealing with the issue, which leads to lost productivity and in many cases poses a threat to the survival of the organization. When shareholder and partnership disputes arise, it is important to seek the guidance of an experienced commercial litigation attorney.

Business Disputes in Illinois

At Owens Law, LLC, we have experience in commercial and securities litigation. Our attorney has in-depth knowledge of the common issues that lead to shareholder and partnership disputes, and what it takes to bring such cases to a positive resolution. We understand that there are both business and legal considerations that must be taken into account, and will thoroughly examine the specific circumstances of the case to determine the most practical and effective path toward resolving the issue.

We also understand that in some cases, immediate action is necessary to prevent one party from engaging in an activity that may be harmful to the organization. We provide skilled assistance with declaratory judgments, restraining orders, and other types of preemptive actions (when needed) in keeping with the best interests of our clients.

We handle all types of LLC member, shareholder, and partnership disputes in Illinois. These include:

Resolutions for Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

When there is a dispute between multiple owners of an entity, litigation may not always be the best course of action. Taking your dispute to court can be a costly and protracted process, and public court records can cause unwelcome exposure to the organization. Whenever possible, we advise our clients to resolve matters privately through some type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), such as arbitration, binding arbitration, or mediation. However, if litigation is the only way to obtain appropriate relief, we stand ready to aggressively litigate your dispute at all levels of the Illinois state and federal judicial system.

Serious ownership disputes can adversely impact the operations of your organization, and in some cases, threaten its future viability. For this reason, you need an experienced attorney in your corner aggressively advocating for your best interests. For skilled guidance with any kind of shareholder or partnership dispute in Illinois, contact our office today at 847-854-8700 for a personalized consultation. We serve clients throughout the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago including Lake County, Kane County, and McHenry County.

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